These treatments can be performed in both adults and children. And now they are a fundamental part of any dental rehabilitation. In fact, better esthetic and functional results can be achieved using orthodontics.

Currently, there are many orthodontic techniques, some devices or removable attachments ie the patient can remove them and put them, although it is a good procedure, it is not very effective because most patients lose or break them, limiting and preventing them from this good results.

Fixed orthodontics is more appropriate and has better and faster results. Fixed orthodontics is what we know as braces or brackets, they are glued to the teeth by means of adhesives.

We also use wires of different calibers and different metals to remove the teeth in the way that is needed, this is the safest and most effective method of correcting crooked teeth, or teeth that are in bad position.

The time and cost of treatment will depend on the severity of the dental problem that the patient has.

Expensive Treatment?

In my dental clinic we offer you packages, where we can include your orthodontic treatment and in addition to everything or almost everything your mouth needs in dental treatments at a reduced price. And in most cases you can pay it in installments.


Extreme orthodontics

Aditamientos used by Dr. Bastida in some cases of Extreme Orthodontics.

Paladar Expander (NPE) Orthodontic Implant (TAD) to distalize molars.

Orthodontic treatments are for children and adults of any age.