Dental implants

The dental implants have a long history and very interesting, and have been used as a resource to restore missing teeth, and thus return the aesthetic appearance and dental operation.

Until about ten years ago there were only conventional implants . They were an excellent ally in dental treatments, but … they had to do surgery, wait six months for them to look very well to the bone and some more time to use them. I tell you this in broad strokes, but for lack of space I do not go deeper into this topic of conventional implants .

But I will tell you about the latest wonder in implant technology.


Like regular or conventional implants, mini-implants are made from different alloys, which are well accepted by the body. Unlike the conventional implants, the mini implants are thinner and are usually used to stabilize or retain complete dentures, which can not be used properly because they fall, or are loose, causing many problems in the patients to talk and eat properly.

The mini-implants are as good as the conventional ones although they have some differences:

  • Local anesthesia is needed only
  • Less expensive
  • They can be used immediately
  • They can be placed where there is little bone
  • They can also be used to place fixed teeth
  • In most cases, a surgical incision is not necessary.
  • Everything is done in one visit and the patient can use his teeth the same day to eat.
  • They have less chance of failure
  • Some analgesics may be prescribed in case of discomfort or discomfort after treatment.

There are practically no contrainidcaciones for its placement, perhaps the only one can be allergy to titanium, which is very rare.

The number of mini implants needed is different in each person, although 4 to 6 can be used to adequately retain a lower or upper denture, only the dentist will decide according to different factors.

The care or maintenance of these foods is very important, the basic one is brushing.

Replace properly your lost teeth, this will have a positive influence on your quality of life, because smiling, chewing and speaking correctly is easier by having all the teeth in good condition.

We want to remind you that in our office we are dedicated to the placement of implants and mini implants with the same professionalism that we perform all our treatments. Do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions or doubts. Remember that the consultation to guide you in what type of implants you can agree is free.